Why did we start project one4nine?


We want to give back to the sport and the community that has given us so much: CYCLING.

 Our goal is to create performance-driven, fun, stylish cycling gear and help our community. This is gear that makes everyone feel good!


How will we do this? 

By purchasing our limited edition one4nine cycling kit, you are giving back to a cycling related small Non-Profit. With each kit purchase, you are investing in the next generation of riders and the future of cycling.


How does it all work? 

We will donate 49% of the gross profit for each Special Edition Jersey we sell to a Non-Profit. 

It’s as simple as our name says: one jersey, 4nine percent to charity. Support our cause and be part of our project to make the cycling community a better place, one revolution at a time. With our kits, you will ride with passion. #ridewithpassion

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